Grand Casual is a three piece band from Esperance Western Australia, Kyron their overweight balding 30 something front man dances like a man possessed, if you don't believe in god you may get a little taste of his spirit as this guy swipes the sweat from his forehead screaming something about western mail order brides. 

Cooper on the guitar is never going to know which country exactly these mail order brides are coming from because he cant hear a fucking thing. Much like a snake flicking his tongue to the air he's picking up vibrations through the stage and just noodling about, sweat pissing into his hearing aids rendering them a sonic mess. How is it then that this guys tears lead guitar solos that make the audiences ears bleed melting them to the floor in a writhing mass of ecstatic mental incompetence? telepathy no doubt. 

Joe Franzone is an actual loon, he spends a vast amount of time talking shit about how Graylands is a place inside his mind and how he trips out after sucking on eucalyptus leaves while drunk. Have you watched Lord Of The Rings of course you have, fucking epic movie, It has been stated of late that Joe Franzone is The Lord of The Drums and you will find it hard to disagree. When you're watching Grand Casual your'e wondering where that eerie bass is coming from, and does the drummer only have one arm? The answer is simple Joe Franzone can play the bass keys and drums, one hand a piece better than he can take a bottle to the teeth and knock his front fucking tooth out (yeah that happened), he can play the drums better with one hand than you can type into your browser with your left index finger I guarantee it. 

Esperance Western Australia, stunning white beaches, population of beautiful people, and a band named Grand Casual that will bare their soul to make you dance like a fucking lunatic, isn't that what life is all about?