Bring on 2019

2019 has started of golden with an epic gig at The Cannery Arts Centre Esperance. Was an absolute pleasure to jump on the bill with Blue Child Collective, Myles Mitchell and Campbell Garratt in the first of WA'S finest live events (Feb 9th). Joe, Coop and myself have been spending a hell of a lot of time in the jam room which absolutely paid off Saturday, all stoked with our performance. Watching the dance floor go from mellow to raucous is such a fine feeling.

So where to from here? Well the excitement level continues to build with some super fun gigs on the horizon. We where absolutely stoked to be invited to play The Hopetoun Colour run on Saturday Feb 23rd. Hopetoun has become a second home for Grand Casual, the audience are absolute legends. Super excited to head back over for our first show in 2019 with Bodes and Joe guest starring.

And Nannup oh my Nannup. When Joe first joined Grand Casual he was so keen to play festivals, I thought to myself yeah sure somewhere down the line. Little did Coop or myself realise that festival appearances would become a reality in short order. 2018 we performed at WAMFest in Perth quickly followed by The Blues At Bridgetown, stellar experiences both. When I read that we had been selected to perform at Nannup I was quite honestly shocked, overwhelmed and delighted at the same time. Grand Casual's upcoming appearance at The Nannup Music Festival has driven our writing and rehearsing for the past three months and I have to say we feel prepared.

Have also scored two great support slots, one kicking of proceedings for Little Quirks at The White Star in Albany Friday March 1st just prior to our appearances in Nannup. And on Saturday March 30th we support Noah Dillon and his full band at The Pier Hotel Esperance. Noah is a bloody talent, shall be a beauty.

I would be amiss to finish this update without letting you all in on the most important bit of information, Grand Casual are finally locked down to dive into the studio with Andy Lawson at Debaser in late April, a full week of recording in Perth set to finish with a Saturday night gig in the fine city itself. That night no doubt will be a little rowdy.

Anyway thanks everyone for your ongoing support we love your faces and wouldn't be doing this without you. Much love Kyza, Joey, Cooper at this little band known as Grand Casual.

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